Aerial Info

About Aerial Imaging

Aerial imagery is quickly becoming the go-to platform for real estate marketing, new construction, inspections and agriculture, just to name a few. Below are just some of the ways aerial photos and video can enhance your project!

Aerial photos and videos can:

•  show how secluded or how large a property is.
•  show the property in relation to it’s surroundings.
•  spotlight an amazing view from a higher floor of a property.
•  be used to track and show progress on new construction.
•  be used for pipe, bridge, tower and conduit inspection.
•  be used to gather evidence and data for litigation.
•  be used to show environmental impact not seen from the ground.

Why Choose Me?

•  I am a FAA certified (Part 107) commercial pilot, my UAV’s are registered with the FAA and I am insured.
•  I am a professional and a perfectionist with one goal; satisfied clients.
•  I am a skilled pilot, videographer and photographer with many years experience.
•  I use state of the art equipment to deliver the highest quality product.
•  I have filmed and edited over 50 property videos and have never had a complaint or an unhappy customer.
•  I have been hired at least 5 times to “re-shoot” a property because the client was not happy with the work of the first aerial provider. Why pay twice when you can get it right the first time by hiring me!

Although there are many people out there with camera drones these days, many don’t know how to compose a great shot or how to use lighting to their advantage. Before hiring an aerial photographer/videographer, take a look at their work and compare to others. Is the flying smooth or jerky? Is the lighting and color good? Does the music synch with the video? How much experience do they have? Are the FAA licensed pilots with insurance? When you hire me, you are getting experience, professionalism, and artistry. I have been flying drones for over 5 years and have been a photographer for over 30.