Real Estate Videos

The following videos show multiple examples of the ways video can enhance the showing of a high-end home or property. I have included video examples of aerial only and aerial/interior combos.
Aerial video can highlight expansive properties like ranches with huge acreage and natural features like ponds and streams. Aerial video can also feature key selling points of a million dollar home like amazing views, proximity to waterfront, guest homes, pools, gardens, property size and allot more! To see all of my real estate videos, please visit my Vimeo page by clicking HERE.

*NOTE: I have added a new video service: “Agent Video Bio’s”.  Many agents are now starting to feature a short video biography on their website to show a little bit about “who they are” to potential clients. You can view an example below. 

Pricing for aerial video starts at $300.
Pricing for agent bio videos start at $300.
Pricing for an aerial/interior combo starts at $500.